Shedding some light on what's rife in life.

Who are Blk Anon?

BLK Anon- Shedding some light on what’s rife in life

BLK Anon is a movement. With every success story there is a tale of constant adaption, revision and
change. As young professional adults we are all trying to navigate through this thing called ‘life’ and with
that comes obstacles. With the understanding that, self awareness and self understanding are
undervalued and underrated, it is important to remember they are keys to success and personal

BLK Anon aims to provide a blueprint on how to navigate through the trials and tribulations life throws
at you, when your trying to surpass the stereotype of being a young black professional in the UK.

BLK Anon is starting out as a Podcast but have a superlative vision of being a bold, raw, brand in the UK.


Podcaster/Senior in Special Education/Mother

From the word go, BLK has been unapologetically herself. Holding a senior position in special education, a mother of 3 and just an overall boss in everything she does. Being a part of BLK Anon expedites BLK’s desire to help her community in and out of work. BLK remains unfiltered in all aspects of her life, always pushing to inspire the younger generations that having a growth mind set, but also standing by your principles can be a healthy way to pursuing your purpose. Operating under a simple motto; Stand for something or fall for anything.


Podcaster/Audio|Visual Artist

Audio|visual artist; Anon believes if something is worth having; its worth fighting for. That being said Anon is part of a number of creative projects with aim to support, create and enrich the people. Being a part of BLK Anon facilitates Anon’s desire to be a active voice within her community. Anon believes in focusing and developing one’s positive skill set as opposed to improving weaker areas. It’s simple; winners win regardless of anything. Functioning under a simple motto; Audacity to win!

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