Is there something that you strive for? Is there something that you know with the right support you can procure and fly? What is stopping you??
As said by Wale, ‘Fear what you don’t know’…..having fear can be both positive and a hindrance in the same breath….acknowledge the fear, formulate a plan on how to overcome it, then green light the hell outta that plan. You will only have yourself to blame if you procrastinate.

‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’

Cue the Powerful meme with the text in italics and a lion wearing a crown or whatever. Jokes aside the quote is true. Be yourself and believe in your worth. Do not settle for less unless you have a plan to overcome, overtake or override!!!

Always be true to yourself.
Fear can be a major setback in moving up or out of a situation….You see that job you have been looking at, all that gobble in the job description is just that..gobble!!!..merge those requirements into your own and regurgitating it at your interview…it is there as a stumbling block.

  • I am whatever you say I am
  • Your opinion of me is only an ignorant misconception of who you think I am.
  • Oga!! Open your eye and see wonders.

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